Beth Ellen Nash Bio

Meet Beth Ellen Nash.

Beth Ellen Nash has her Education degree from the University of Wisconsin—Madison and has 16 years’ experience working with struggling learners. She was director and lead teacher for 8 years at Hope Academy, a school for struggling middle and high school students in Madison, WI. In 2011, she shifted toward an individualized online and homeschool hybrid option called Wings to Soar Online Academy, specializing in the creation of Custom Path to Success Learning Plans for outside-the-box learners for pre-K through 12th grade. Beth Ellen specializes in helping dyslexics gain the skills and confidence to not just survive but thrive in school and in life through her personalized whole-person approach to education.

Beth Ellen is currently Curriculum Coordinator, Intervention Specialist, and Integrated Liberal Studies teacher for Wings to Soar Online Academy. Beth Ellen has tutored, assessed, and / or consulted with hundreds of families. 

Beth Ellen is the author of the forthcoming Help and Hope for Dyslexics and Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person books.

Beth Ellen is available as a speaker, workshop, and retreat leader on a variety of topics for outside-the-box learners.

Beth Ellen Nash also offers online courses, workshops, retreats, and coaching to help women step into Whole-Person Well-Being. 

Use these scheduling links to schedule a complimentary consultation either to discuss a Path to Success Learning Plan for your outside-the-box learner or to help you step into your own Whole-Person Well-Being.

Watch Beth Ellen's Authentic, Abundant, and Powerful Me Tribute dance video.